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Shifting Energy in Your Sacred Space – Video Blog

Do you need a new perspective and a breath of fresh insight into your life? Try shifting the flow and movement of your home’s energy using these ideas. trouble sleeping?...

smudge stick

How to use a smudge stick – Video Blog

A simple video showing the uses of a traditional smudge stick, by the Gringa Bruja’s husband, Ananda Mañana.  Haga clic aquí para el español

smudge stick

Como usar la salvia

Como usar la salvia blanca en sus rituales y hechizos o para limpiar la casa o una persona de las malas energías. Ten cuenta estoy aprendiendo Español y estés videos...

4 Thieves Vinegar

4 Thieves Vinegar: Liquid Smudge – Written Blog

For many years, I smudged my house like mad on a regular basis, torching out white sage sticks and setting off many a smoke alarm. I have six children and...