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Tarot of the Week

Tarot of the Week – Aug 14, 2017

Let your intuition flow and watch for assistance and ideas from unexpected places!  

Tarot of the Week – Aug 7, 2017

Time to pull the trigger on what you know you should do and what you keep hoping someone else will do and just make it happen. Do the thing.

Tarot of the Week – Jul 31, 2017

Keep your energy flowing from last week’s King of Pentacles and nurture the abundance that is coming to you.

Tarot of the Week – July 24, 2017

Sorry I missed last week! A book deadline had me working 20 hours a day on most days and duty called! This week’s Tarot of the Week focuses on the...

Tarot of the Week – July 10, 2017

Get ready for the masks to fall and things to move forward this week!

Tarot of the Week – June 26, 2017

What is the energy and influence going on in the coming week?