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7 African Powers Powder Video

This video is from Papi Brujo, Eric Rasbold and shows you how we make our 7 African Powers powder:

Glitter in Candle Work? Say WHAT?!

Do you glitter or do you not glitter? I do and here’s why! (Yes! There is a practical reason)

Reversing Candles: How to Use Them and What They Do

Reversing candles are used for two specific purposes in magic and must be used with care.

candle reading

More Candle Readings From the Gringa Bruja

Katrina is back with more candles to read the outcome, including cracked and broken candles.

Ask a Bruja: Love Magic?

Can you compel someone to love you? Break up someone else’s relationship? Draw love to you? Katrina Rasbold answers your questions about love magic.

Ask a Bruja – Altars & Cracked Candles

What is the proper way to arrange your personal altar? What does it mean when your candles crack or break during spell work?  The classes are free, but you are...

Effective Ritual Construction Class

This class shows you how not to be the ritual host where guests walk away wondering how they can get back the time they just lost. Katrina shows you how to create...

Magical Ethics: The Real & the Imagined

Katrina takes you through the complicated subject of Magical Ethics, discussing concepts such as Harms None, Laws of Attraction, Threefold Law, and Karma.

Introduction to the Tarot Class

In this two part series, Katrina discusses the basics of Tarot reading, including color symbolism, figure placement, common myths, spreads, plus sample readings.     Want more? Purchase Katrina’s book Tarot...

Como hacer los siete poderes africanos (Las Siete Potencias)

Como hacer los siete poderes africanos para sus rituales y hechizos. Se usa atraerse los abonos del mundo. Este polvo es lo más poderosa que nunca se puede usar. Ten...

How to Make 7 African Powers Powder

7 African Powers Powder uses Frankincense, Myrrh, Cinnamon, Sage, Sandalwood, and Dragon’s Blood to make a powerful incense powder that draws in Luck, Money, Health, Protection, Power, and Success.

How to Make Holy Water (El Agua Bendita)

Holy Water is one of the most blessed sacraments for anointing yourself or your tools, but it must be made in a particular fashion to be authentic.

Como hacer el agua bendita

¡Hola a todos! Soy el brujo de La Botánica de La Reina y estés videos son sobres los hechizos de la brujería. ¡Recuerda, no soy un hispanohablante nativo! Estoy aprendiendo...

Dirts, Dusts, Salts, & Powders Class

This class explores the fundamental uses of the some of the most popular dirts, dusts, salts, & powders in Brujeria and HooDoo. Like the class? Make a donation to say...

Ask a Bruja: Psychic Attack/Hexes/Curses

Are they real? How do you know? How do you manage it?

Ask a Bruja header

Video Blog – Ask a Bruja – Part 1

Katrina Rasbold, the Gringa Bruja, answers some of your questions in the inaugural edition of “Ask a Bruja.”

Video Blog – Protection Magic, Magical Boundaries, and Banishment

A video blog about protection magic, creating magical boundaries, and banishing unwanted influences.

candle divination

How to Read Candle Burns – Video Blog

When working magic using glass encased candles, it adds a whole new dimension to your process when you read the candle burns to predict how the magic will manifest. These...

How to Make Holy Water – Video Blog

Holy water is used to bless and consecrate tools and people. In this video, the Gringa Bruja’s husband, Ananda Mañana, shows you how to make holy water from rain water....

Shifting Energy in Your Sacred Space – Video Blog

Do you need a new perspective and a breath of fresh insight into your life? Try shifting the flow and movement of your home’s energy using these ideas. trouble sleeping?...