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Home Cleansing Kit

Deep Magical Home Cleansing – Video Blog

Does the energy in your home feel stale or negative even after you smudge? This video shows you how to go deeper, to smudge and cleanse out the structure of your home,...

smudge stick

How to use a smudge stick – Video Blog

A simple video showing the uses of a traditional smudge stick, by the Gringa Bruja’s husband, Ananda Mañana.  Haga clic aquí para el español

smudge stick

Como usar la salvia

Como usar la salvia blanca en sus rituales y hechizos o para limpiar la casa o una persona de las malas energías. Ten cuenta estoy aprendiendo Español y estés videos...

Brujeria/Curanderismo – Video Blog

This video discusses the vibrant, inclusive path of the Bruja/Brujo and Curandero/Curandera, tracing the practice from the Aztec magic of Mesoamerica.

HooDoo History and Development – Video Blog

This video attempts to explore the disputed and complicated history of HooDoo in the United States, both African American HooDoo and New Orleans Based HooDoo.

Appalachian and Ozark Granny Magic – Video Blog

This is a video presentation about the historical and sociocultural development of folk magic in the Appalachian and Ozark areas of the United States.