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Do Not Stop To Save the Drowning Man

Back around 2000 or so, I had a website called “Crone of Cawdor” and one of the components of it was a section on modern mythologies. Within that section, I...

witch bottles

Ask a Bruja – Magical Waste Disposal

Several people have asked me how they should dispose of their magical leavings after the spell work is completed. Some even bring their leavings to me to dispose of for...

A Magnificent Read

[graphic source] A thought provoking and beautiful piece I enjoyed tremendously. She Is Risen, Just as She Said.

Mercury in Retrograde

Make Mercury Retrogrades Work For You

If you are a magical person who uses astrology in your practice, or if you have a Facebook friends list filled with magical people who use astrology, the buzz is...

Santa Muerte

Death Dance: Livin’ La Santisima Muerte

Death dance: Livin’ La Santisima Muerte So much death in the past year or so. Not only have we lost beloved celebrities, but family members, friends, pets, jobs and relationships....

Beltane Altar

Effective Ritual Construction – The Written Blog

In 2013, I wrote a book called The Art of Ritual and in it discussed what I felt to be important touch points of effective ritual design. Recently, Ár nDraíocht Féin requested that...

Katrina Rasbold's Altar to Our Lady of Guadalupe

Little Altars Everywhere – The Written Blog

The wonderful author Rebecca Wells wrote a(n admittedly awful) book called Little Altars Everywhere that, for most of us, was the second of her books we read, the first being Divine Secrets...

4 Thieves Vinegar

4 Thieves Vinegar: Liquid Smudge – Written Blog

For many years, I smudged my house like mad on a regular basis, torching out white sage sticks and setting off many a smoke alarm. I have six children and...