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Shannon B, WitchHey everyone! It’s your Urban Bruja, Shannon, here today on the topic of crossroads work and magical baths. Let me just start with the very beginning. I stopped by my wonderful friend Katrina shop to buy the most awesome bath bomb ever . She really puts work into them, hard work . So I’m browsing and I find one that says “Magical Mystery” and all types of fantasies start coming up in my head of how I’m going to go home and I’m going to take a bath, fairies were going to come and serenade me with little flowers and musical birds and crap.

Yeah I’m ready for this bath.

I’m a mom and a wife, so believe me when I say I need time for a long bath. Happy as a lark I leave her store with my bath bomb. I’m saving it on my shelf in my bathroom for about a week or so before I decide to use it . So the day comes when it’s time to use my magical bath bomb and I am super excited to use it . It has just been one of those days that you needed rinse life away . I heat my bath up and the water heater decides to shoot out some water that’s not terribly hot , but hey I’m optimistic so I let it go. I wasn’t going to pick a fight with that rust-bucket tonight. I wrap my hair up in my mom bun and dive right into my bath.

Of course it’s a small bath because I live in some tiny apartment, but hey, a bath is a bath and I’m happy to have it. I get my bath bomb all unwrapped and I smell it a few hundred times, it smells like heaven in a bowl. I drop it in and I’m watching it fizz and I’m starting to get more it more excited as the smell is just so heavenly. I leaned back against the cold porcelain tile in my bathtub and I start to relax. Well, the next thing that happened was my daughter started to bicker over some toys she lost. That’s normal mom life so I’m trying to tune it out. It’s a little hard when you’re waiting for the fairies and birds to come in and sing Beethoven to you . I let it go anyway and I’m sitting there for a good twenty minutes and as I get my bath water to start draining out I collect my cup of it and I’m ready to go put my water at a crossroads later on.

Mind you this is the first time that I’ve ever put anything at a crossroads, but I’m juiced. I want to experience a real witch life so I go pick up my mom and next day, after I wake up all refreshed and relaxed from my bath, I get my kid in the car and then I thought, “Well hell, there’s a park right next to my mom’s house and it’s a beautiful spot. I’m sure I’ll find a crossroads right there for my bath water. Nope. I didn’t find a crossroads there, but hey, it’s okay. I’m optimistic and patient.

My mom, my daughter, and I are driving around. We stop through a drive-thru get my kid McDonald’s so she’s happy. My mom wants to come with me because she wants to experience witch life with me and see what’s going on. I have the bath water in my little jar with a lid that I filled up. Some water is seeping out, but that’s okay because I’m still feeling my witchy vibe and I’m positive from the bath I had last night. So I drive on and drive and drive and I still can’t find one. By this time, I have crossed two county lines and have been driving for 2 hours.

My mother loves me to death, so she is trying to stay positive saying, “That’s okay darling, you’ll find your crossroads. Don’t worry.”

But I never do, so I drop my tired mom off and take my tired kid home. I put my bath water that’s in the jar back on my little table and I wait till the next day to take it out. At this point my baby’s gone for the weekend and my mom’s at her home. I tell my husband, “Let’s go out and find the perfect crossroads because I just didn’t feel any of them were right for my spectacular bathwater.”

So get in the car and drive for an hour. I mean, I try to use my pendulum. I try to use every witchy instinct in my body. Nothing was really working at this time, but I still was not giving up. I finally found a crossroads. Not perfect but okay, it was empty. It was late at night and no one was around. As soon as I get out, I think, “Awesome , I am finally going to dump my bathwater in this particular spot. I’ve searched for two days and three hours at this point. I get out and all of a sudden, cars start coming out of nowhere. I mean this was the middle of the night in an empty city on a road where no one even lived . How does this even happen?

Okay, whatever. I am waiting for the cars to move out of the way so I can finally get my bath water dumped. Then someone pulled out of nowhere and starts looking at me all suspicious like I had some weird chemical weapon type of crap. I get back in my car and I drive off , and this guy decides to follow me. Sooner or later I lose the guy and I get home.

I’m just happy all of this is over. I am exhausted from the whole trip but someone satisfied. When I walk in, I go and look at my little shelf where I have all my little herbs and potions and things. I look at a jar hid in all the way in the back and realize this whole time, I had Crossroads Dirt. I could I have just done things the easy way and used my dirt . Yet, after wasted a thousand gallons of gas, money on food, and whole cross-country trip to find a crossroads, there was my perfectly capable jar of Crossroads Dirt.

So the moral of the story is: Always check your supplies before you go on a cross-country road trip.

After all of the story was done, I went down to my favorite botánica that weekend that my friend Katrina owns to pick up some extra supplies. I tell her my extremely long exhausting story and she decides to have the most wonderful joke ever! It put the hugest smile on my face. She says to me, “Well, you could have just put the crossroads dirt over the drain of your bathtub and let the water run down.” She made the whole trip worth it with that joke. Well now, that I’m done I will definitely take into consideration and put my Crossroads dirt next to me I right in my bathroom so I know where it is when I take a bath.

I’m glad that I had this story to share with you all. A new post will come soon. Until then enjoy your day and I will be bringing more stories to the table.

Note from Katrina: Be careful when using Crossroads Dirt in your bathtub as it could cause clogs or septic problems (I really was just joking with her). There is often dirt on your body when you bathe (hence, the bathing), so a small amount should not cause a problem. In a pinch, pour the Crossroads Dirt into a cross on the ground outside and pour your leavings into the center. Walk away without looking back. It is always best to use an actual crossroads when you can. www.botanicadelareina.com

Shannon B, Witch

Hello everyone, I am Shannon, as we can see from the name of the blog and I am sure everyone has got that by now. Also, I should maybe extend a warning before you all follow me down the rabbit hole and get stuck on the chronicles of my life:

I am absolutely insane. Run right now while you can.

Oh well, it’s too late you’re already reading. It’s all your fault. Now that that’s out of the way.

On a more serious note, I want to say thank you to my wonderful, beautiful friend Katrina for giving me the opportunity to tell my story, and to you all the audience for taking time out of your day to read this, so thank you all.

Now, let’s start off with the wonders of my life. I still don’t even understand myself.

Well anyway, I grew up all around the Bay Area and had many adventures as a kid in the 80s and 90s, and of course growing up stuck in a strict Christian household. All of my adventures were the Devil temping me, but hey you get what you get, so I am not picky. I guess the Devil’s a cool guy when all you want to do is dress like a ghost or witch or something on Halloween, but can’t because every one around you is a super Christian and told you that you would burn in hell for even thinking that. But if you are like me, you never really cared because you were only in for the free candy and dressing different. That did not make those chalk type of sticks taste any less crapy than they were, so you were happy with what you got.

Then fast forward to your rebellion stage I mean “Yeah man, it was all about Hot Topic.” The smell in there was like Great Gram’s attic boxes ,but it’s cool. You just wanted to fit into that punk style. Like you wanted to draw some upside down crosses on your head and say FTW. But of course, who am I kidding that was the Devil? So I stuck with what was the safe route. Well, more like the secretive route. I watched “Charmed” when I could (LOL), you know like a bad ass even though no one was home at my dad’s,and I had the remote glued to my hand so I could change it to some non-demonic show just in case some one walked in on all that evilness 😉 I would try and write a few spells and burn some stuff to get back at people and so on, but I got so intrigued with the world of Witchcraft and started diving in every chance I got. I had the internet at home and I started learning and taking in as much info as I could. I mean, I soaked it up and retained it all, good and bad.

Later in life, I sorted it all out between the camp stories and the real life Witchcraft. This was no longer a rebel fantasy in my head – this was life. And it still is for me and of course I am the Antichrist to my dad and I own a nifty little nickname of the “white devil” from people which I love, by the way, because it’s very flattering. I mean it, I am probably the most pale thing you’ve ever seen in your life. I could star in The Twilight Saga without stage makeup.  I just sparkle on the inside, so yeah “white devil” suits me. I worked hard for that name anyway, so I wear it like a crown.

I no longer have contact with most of my family because of so many more horrific things that have happened. I have my mom still and man, she has come a long way and accepted me for who I am now and that’s cool. We like “Charmed” together now, LOL.

I am in my 30s now and fend for myself well. My lovey husband helps, but remember I am the rebel of the story, so I am just going to stick with that plot for now . I am a full on Witch. I practice that as my full belief system. I love myself even more than I did because I practice Witchcraft. It has been such a healing outlet to me. It has taught me to learn, love, and be patient with the world around me. I have many funny stories, because when I say practicing Witchcraft, I mean “practicing.” I would love to tell you all those stories through my blog as you read until then. I just wanted introduce myself and give you all a little bit of background and again, a fair warning 😉

Can’t wait ’til next time when we all dive into my adventures as a Witch.