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Gringa Bruja
"This is where the magic happens"

Written Blog

Straight from the Gringa Bruja's keyboard to you, Katrina discusses current and forthcoming magical times and will share thoughts with you on a variety of metaphysical subjects.

Video Blog

Katrina provides instructional, informational, and commentary-based videos, that are free for you to enjoy. She shares lessons on HooDoo/Conjure and other magical subjects.


Katrina has read Tarot cards for three decades and is the author of "Tarot For Real People." She has a Ph.D in Religion, has worked as life coach since 2012, and is a licensed minister.

Handmade Magical Items

Created by the Gringa Bruja at her own sacred altar and sold by Botánica de La Reina. Items include traditional HooDoo/Conjure, Brujeria/Curanderismo, and other folk magic products.

Who is the Gringa Bruja?

Katrina Rasbold of Botánica de La Reina in Roseville, California began working in the magical arts in England in 1982. Since then, she has taught classes in Southern California, Idaho, and Central California. She lives in the Sierra Mountains of California in a secluded community and accepts speaking and teaching engagements as schedule allows throughout the year. Her primary focus is on writing, working in her shop, and developing and creating the products featured at the Botánica de La Reina.

She and her husband, Eric, opened Botánica de La Reina in Roseville, California in 2015 and since that time, have provided handcrafted magical products, limpias, and sacred instruction for thousands of clients.

Raised in Kentucky, she is fluent in Appalachian and Ozark “Granny Magic” techniques and trained aggressively in HooDoo and Conjure in both African American and New Orleans based traditions. She worked as a Wiccan High Priestess for fifteen years.

Katrina and Eric are co-founders of the CUSP (Climbing Up the Spiral Pathway) spiritual tradition that is now practiced worldwide and is the subject of their book, CUSP: A New Way to Walk An Old Path.

Katrina is a devotee of La Santisma Muerte and Our Lady of Guadalupe and offers shrines in her shop where those in need may pray to and commune with and make offerings to these powerful holy figures.

With thirty-five years of experience in divination and the Tarot, she offers video readings to her clients at affordable rates.

Katrina is a published author of more than thirty books including the popular Seven Sisters of Avalon novel series and nineteen metaphysical books, ten of which she co-wrote with Eric.  Their book Energy Magic held the #1 position on the Amazon best sellers list in the category of Neopaganism for eight weeks after its release.

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