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Who is the Gringa Bruja?

Welcome to the online home of the Gringa Bruja, Katrina Rasbold. Katrina now assists clients both online and in person at the shop she owns with her husband, Eric Rasbold in Shingle Springs, California. You can book a reading, cleansing, or spellwork consultation by going to

Raised in Kentucky, she is fluent in Appalachian and Ozark “Granny Magic” techniques and trained aggressively in HooDoo and Conjure in both African American and New Orleans based traditions. She worked as a Wiccan High Priestess for fifteen years and has studied various academic and experiential aspects of the magical arts since 1980. Two brujos from Mexico and a bruja from Guatemala trained her to work as a professional bruja, which is now her primary practice. Katrina teaches classes in the Tarot, based on her book Tarot For Real People, as well as Primal Witchcraft (Witchcraft without religious affiliation), Brujeria, Wicca, and Energy Magic, the concepts promoted by Katrina & Eric in their Bio-Universal Energy series of books.

Katrina and Eric are co-founders of the CUSP (Climbing Up the Spiral Pathway) spiritual tradition that is now practiced worldwide and is the subject of their book, CUSP: A New Way to Walk An Old Path.

Katrina is a devotee of La Santisma Muerte and is part of the group of devotees that hosts Santa Muerte venerations each New Moon at Crossroads Metaphysical store.

With over three decades of experience in divination and the Tarot, she offers video readings to her clients at affordable rates.

Katrina is a published author of more than thirty-five books including the popular Seven Sisters of Avalon novel series and nineteen metaphysical books, ten of which she co-wrote with Eric.  Their book Energy Magic held the #1 position on the Amazon best sellers list in the category of Neopaganism for eight weeks after its release. Her newest book, Crossroads of Conjure, released through Llewellyn Worldwide in January 2018 and her upcoming book, The Sacred Art of Brujeria, releases through Llewellyn in Summer 2020.

Recent Updates

7 African Powers Powder Video

This video is from Papi Brujo, Eric Rasbold and shows you how we make our 7 African Powers powder:

Do Not Stop To Save the Drowning Man

Back around 2000 or so, I had a website called “Crone of Cawdor” and one of the components of it was a section on modern mythologies. Within that section, I...

Glitter in Candle Work? Say WHAT?!

Do you glitter or do you not glitter? I do and here’s why! (Yes! There is a practical reason)

Reversing Candles: How to Use Them and What They Do

Reversing candles are used for two specific purposes in magic and must be used with care.

candle reading

More Candle Readings From the Gringa Bruja

Katrina is back with more candles to read the outcome, including cracked and broken candles.

Ask a Bruja: Love Magic?

Can you compel someone to love you? Break up someone else’s relationship? Draw love to you? Katrina Rasbold answers your questions about love magic.

Tarot of the Week – Aug 14, 2017

Let your intuition flow and watch for assistance and ideas from unexpected places!  

witch bottles

Ask a Bruja – Magical Waste Disposal

Several people have asked me how they should dispose of their magical leavings after the spell work is completed. Some even bring their leavings to me to dispose of for...

Tarot of the Week – Aug 7, 2017

Time to pull the trigger on what you know you should do and what you keep hoping someone else will do and just make it happen. Do the thing.

Tarot of the Week – Jul 31, 2017

Keep your energy flowing from last week’s King of Pentacles and nurture the abundance that is coming to you.

Ask a Bruja – Altars & Cracked Candles

What is the proper way to arrange your personal altar? What does it mean when your candles crack or break during spell work?  The classes are free, but you are...

Effective Ritual Construction Class

This class shows you how not to be the ritual host where guests walk away wondering how they can get back the time they just lost. Katrina shows you how to create...

Tarot of the Week – July 24, 2017

Sorry I missed last week! A book deadline had me working 20 hours a day on most days and duty called! This week’s Tarot of the Week focuses on the...

Magical Ethics: The Real & the Imagined

Katrina takes you through the complicated subject of Magical Ethics, discussing concepts such as Harms None, Laws of Attraction, Threefold Law, and Karma.

Tarot of the Week – July 10, 2017

Get ready for the masks to fall and things to move forward this week!

Introduction to the Tarot Class

In this two part series, Katrina discusses the basics of Tarot reading, including color symbolism, figure placement, common myths, spreads, plus sample readings.     Want more? Purchase Katrina’s book Tarot...

Como hacer los siete poderes africanos (Las Siete Potencias)

Como hacer los siete poderes africanos para sus rituales y hechizos. Se usa atraerse los abonos del mundo. Este polvo es lo más poderosa que nunca se puede usar. Ten...

How to Make 7 African Powers Powder

7 African Powers Powder uses Frankincense, Myrrh, Cinnamon, Sage, Sandalwood, and Dragon’s Blood to make a powerful incense powder that draws in Luck, Money, Health, Protection, Power, and Success.

How to Make Holy Water (El Agua Bendita)

Holy Water is one of the most blessed sacraments for anointing yourself or your tools, but it must be made in a particular fashion to be authentic.

Como hacer el agua bendita

¡Hola a todos! Soy el brujo de La Botánica de La Reina y estés videos son sobres los hechizos de la brujería. ¡Recuerda, no soy un hispanohablante nativo! Estoy aprendiendo...